PG2: coL.MVP DRG & Genius – GSL Semi-Finals

BY Andrew Miesner / February 22, 2012


After a long and early morning for those in the Western hemisphere, compLexity.MVP prevailed as they managed to secure a coL.MVP Grand Finals by defeating their opponents in convincing fashion. Genius secured his spot by once again defeating his opponent, aLive, by the score of 3-0. DRG proved to be a comeback king as they crawled his way back against GuMiho to win by the score of 3-2. 

The GSL Code S Grand Finals are set to be played on March 3rd. Congratulations to both players!


Tonight, compLexity MVP’s DongRaeGu and Genius will be in action as they compete in the GSL Code S semi-finals.

In the round of 8, coL.MVP’s DongRaeGu battled PartinG from Startale where he managed to defeat him by the score of 3-0 on Antiga Shipyard, Daybreak and Crossfire SE respectively. With the win, DongRaeGu will face GuMiho from FXOpen e-Sports. For coL.MVP’s Genius, the results were quite similar as he took on MC from SK Gaming and defeated him by the score of 3-0 on Dual Sight, ESV Cloud Kingdom, and Entombed Valley. With the win, Genius has advanced to face aLive from Fnatic.


Score 1 2 3 F
coL.MVP DRG 0 0 3
GuMiho 0 0 2
Maps:ESV Cloud Kingdom, Entombed Valley, Daybreak, Dual Sight, Metropolis
Score 1 2 3 F
  coL.MVP Genius 0 0 3
  aLive 0 0 0
Maps: Entombed Valley, Metropolis, Antiga Shipyard


The matches are set to begin at 18:10 KST (10:10AM CET/ 1:10AM PST/ 4:10AM EST) and will be streamed LIVE on GomTV.