PG2: coL.NaDa in GSL Code S

BY Andrew Miesner / April 11, 2012

Tonight compLexity’s own NaDa will be playing in the group stages of GOMtv’s GSL Code S. NaDa’s group is comprised of NaDa, MMA, Squirtle, and Leenock.

Obviously this is a pretty stacked group with MMA being both a GSL and an MLG champ, Leenock taking first place at MLG Providence, and Squirtle just recently getting second place at IPL4. That said, NaDa is the Genius Terran, the Tornado Terran, the most consistant progamer of all time. If anyone stands a chance of making it out of this group, it is NaDa.

Group F

Score 1 2 3 F
coL.NaDa 0 0 0
 Leenock 1 1 2
Map: Daybreak
Score 1 2 3 F
coL.NaDa 0 0 0
 MMA 1 1 2
Map: TBD


Be sure to tune into the GSL tonight at 5:00 AM EST when Code S goes live.