PG2: coL.NaDa vs. GhostKing_Prime – GSL Code A

BY Andrew Miesner / April 23, 2012

Tonight compLexity’s own NaDa will be playing in GOMtv’s GSL Code A. NaDa will be taking on the strong Terran player GhostKing_Prime, aka Byun, a long mainstay of the GSL. Kicking off at 7:00 AM EST, expect to see some awesome games from one of the most legendary figures in all of eSports.

NaDa’s last apperence in the GSL didn’t exactly go as planned. He lost to both Leenock and MMA 0-2, falling from Code S to Code A. Since that hard loss NaDa has been training even harder, determined to reclaim his spot in Code S.

Tonight’s match will be broadcasted on A free standard quality stream is available, however if you want HD you’ll have to buy a GSL Season Pass. If you’re not able to stay up and watch the matches, the Season Pass will also give you access to the VoDs. Please tune in tonight and root for NaDa. You can send him words of encouragement via Twitter @nadalyy.

Score 1 2 3 F
coL.NaDa 0 0 0
GhostKing_Prime 1 1 2
Map: TBD