PG2: coL.Ryze vs Sixjax_Dde Showmatch Tonight

BY Andrew Miesner / April 6, 2011

Tonight at 8:00 PM EST compLexity’s Ryze will be taking on NrGDde in a best of 7 showmatch hosted by RageQuitTV and Justin.TV. The prize pool consists of $50.

Ryze’s opponent, Dde is a solid Terran player from Sixjax_Gaming, the team that Artosis is now the captain of. Formally known as Tidy back in the Brood War days, Dde has shifted gears to StarCraft II and has established himself as a consistent player.

Ryze is no push over either. He’s a solid Zerg player who makes great decision in-game and knows how to fight back when he’s up against the ropes.

The map pool for tonight’s show match will consist of:

MLG Metalopolis
MLG Scrap Station
MLG Shakuras Plateau
MLG Shattered Temple
MLG Xel’Naga Caverns
MLG ICup Testbug
MLG GSL Crossfire SE
Tal’Darim Alter
Terminus Re

The format and rules:


Best of 7 series, map pool as seen below. Prior to the tournament each player will get the ability to veto a map. The starting map will be on MLG Metalopolis and if that gets veto’d it will move to Shattered Temple. If a disconnect occurs admins will make a decision if it is a regame or replay. If multiple disconnects occur or obvious ISP/B.Net issues arise both admins and players will be consulted to decide on how it will be handled. The winner will recieve $50 via paypal immediately after the event. The Map Pool is below and subject to change if there are any valid complaints; from either players or viewers.


To check out the action, tune into