PG2: coL.SC2 vs ROOT Gaming

BY Andrew Miesner / February 15, 2011


Tonight ROOT-Gaming got the better of our SC2 team, winning 3-1. With the loss tonight coL.SC2 is now 3-2 in ESEA. They will return to action Thursday night vs TEAM Volume

Week three of ESEA is upon us and tonight will be a very busy night against ROOT Gaming. Many of our players are also competing in the ROOT Tourney, where they will all be playing ROOT members in the first round. The matches are set to get underway from between 9:00-10:00PM EST.
This weeks starting map is, Scrap Station. The format is 4 – 1v1 Bo3 matches. If the score ends up tied 2-2, there will be an ACE match to determine the winner. 


Lineups will be added in 30 minutes prior to the start of the match.


Score 1 2 3 F
coL.Antimage 0 0 0
 ROOTKiWiKaKi 0 0 2
Map: Scrap Station, Metalopolis
Score 1 2 3 F 0 0 2
ROOTCatz 0 0 1
Map: Scrap Station, Lost Temple, Xel’Naga Caverns
Score 1 2 3 F
coL.CrunCher 0 0 0
ROOTMiniGun 0 0 2
Map: Scrap Station, Xel’Naga Caverns
Score 1 2 3 F
 coL.Stalife 0 0 1
ROOTDrewbie 0 0 2
Map: Scrap Station, Lost Temple, Delta Quadrant