PG2: coL.SC2 vs sC

BY Andrew Miesner / February 27, 2011


coL.SC2 was able to get 6 out of 7 points tonight vs Team sC. The champions match has been postponed until next week. will then play PLZLEAVEDUCK on Lost Temple for the shut out.


Last week the guys were able to beat 1nsanity 5-2. Today we are going up against team sC in the ESGL, who had a very close game with RoW, but came up short 4-3. The match is set to start at 9:00PM EST.

* Clan War
– Each team on a clan war has 1 Team Champion and 3 Challengers. The team champion for one team will play all 3 challengers on the opposing team. A match between both champions will also be played. This will result in 7 total 1v1 matches.
– All series are best of 1
– Team is awarded 1 point per match won, even if the winning player is a challenger. No points will be given for a loss.
* Maps
– Champion vs Champion map of the series will be posted by the league admins, the remaining maps are decided by the Challenger.
* Map Veto System
– Before the start of the war, both team champions will decide on 2 maps to veto from map pool. Failure to announce veto map before the 2nd game will result in the loss of veto power.
– A champion may play a map only once in a given war. After each match, the map played will be vetoed for future matches against that champion.
– Each champion will have their own map pool. The pool starts with 8 maps, the weeks champion map is removed and the champions veto maps will also be removed. The first challenger must then choose from a pool of 6 maps. A map may only be used once. Each succeeding challenger must play on a different map. 


Lineups will be added in 15 minutes prior to the start of the match.


coL.SC2 sC
Score 1 2 3 F 0 0 1
 sCFade 0 0 0
Map: Xel’Naga Caverns
Score 1 2 3 F
 coL.Ryan 0 0 1
Map: Steppes of War
Score 1 2 3 F
 coL.Antimage 0 0 1
Map: Metalopolis
Score 1 2 3 F 0 0 1
 Insur 0 0 0
Map: Lost Temple
Score 1 2 3 F
 coL.Ryze 0 0 1
Map: Lost Temple
Score 1 2 3 F 0 0 1
 LaGTTJack 0 0 0
Map: Delta Quadrant