PG2: coL.SC2 vs SCC

BY Andrew Miesner / February 22, 2011

Post Game

Team SCC was zerg heavy, having three of four players play zerg. This resulted in two Zerg vs Zerg matchups. Ryan and Ryze were able to win their series 2-0 in the matter of minutes. Just was able to get the better of firezerg 2-0, in two very close games. Stalife on the other hand had the longest of the games. He marched over Yellowsnow on Shakuras Plateau, but Yellowsnow responded with an all in on Steppes of War to get the quick win. In the deciding game three, Stalife had to play defensive against Yellowsnow and his dark templar. He then made a smart timing push to end the game and give coL.SC2 the 3-1 win.

Pre Game

Tonight coL.SC2 will be taking on SCC-SC2. Little is known about the team. On ESEA even though it is not official yet, it looks like all their wins are forfeit wins. coL.SC2 went 1-1 last week, with a close loss to ROOT and a forfeit win over Team Volume.

The match is confirmed to start at 10:00PM EST and Shakuras Plateau will be the starting map. The format is 4 – 1v1 Bo3 matches. If the score ends up tied 2-2, there will be an ACE match to determine the winner. 


Lineups will be added in 15 minutes prior to the start of the match.


Score 1 2 3 F
coL.Stalife 0 0 2
 Yellowsnow 0 0 1
Map: Shakuras Plateau, Steppes of War, Lost T
Score 1 2 3 F
 coL.Ryan 0 0 2
chs 0 0 0
Map: Shakuras Plateau, Xel’Naga Caverns
Score 1 2 3 F
 coL.Ryze 0 0 2
StallinRush 0 0 0
Map: Shakuras Plateau, Metalopolis 
Score 1 2 3 F
 coL.FireZerg 0 0 0
Just 0 0 2
Map: Shakuras Plateau, Xel’Naga Caverns