PG2: coL.SC2 vs Vile – Showmatch

BY Andrew Miesner / April 20, 2011

Tomorrow, CompLexity will take on Vile Gaming in a showmatched hosted by Vile. The winner will take home $250 in cash, depending on their record after the event. Stalife and Firezerg will be representing coL in the match tonight, while HasHe and Spanshiwa will be representing Vile Gaming.

Who: vileHasHe and vileSpanshwa versus coLstalife and coLFireZerg.
What: two 1v1s at Bo5 and one 2v2 at Bo3.
When: Thursday, April 21st, at 8:00pm PST.
Where: Bnet US

Stream: via Thundertoss & Ascend TV
Prize: $250 total ($100 per 1v1, $50 splittable for 2v2)



Round 1: Xel’Naga Caverns
Maps cannot be played more than twice, loser picks next from pool..
– Metalopolis (MLG)
– The Shattered Temple
– Tal’Darim Altar (GSL)
– Terminus RE (GSL)


Round 1: Scorched Haven
Round 2: Scorched Haven
Round 3: High Orbit
Round 4: High Orbit
Round 5: (loser picks from previous 2 maps)