PG2: coL.TF2 vs Frag Dominant

BY Andrew Miesner / February 12, 2009


Tonight, compLexity got its second loss against Frag Dominant on cp_granary. During the first half, Frag Dominant did a surprising rush on compLexity as Frag Dominant picked up the first point in the game. coL.tf2 came back pushing Frag Dominant back to there spawn picking up 2 points swiftly. As the match continued, Frag Dominant once again picked up another point capping all 3 control points. compLexity came back picked up 2 addition points, while Frag Dominant got only one point as the first half ended 4-3 in favor of coL. At the start of the second half, Frag Dominant was close winning the game out but compLexity came in pushing Frag Dominant back to there base and only needing 2 more control points to end the game. Frag Dominant ubered up and pushed compLexity back to there spawn twice as they capped coL two main points ending the game 5-4 in favor of Frag Dominant. Good game to Frag Dominant.



Heading into TF2 action tonight will be our very own compLexity squad taking on Frag Dominant. After coming off of a very impressive and hard faught victory against iDemise, coL.TF2 is looking to continue to bring home the W’s as they head into cp_granary and bringing home their 7th win of the season. Complexity’s TF2 team is currently at the top of the heap amongst the other teams and is looking to show FD why this is the truth. Keep it locked to for all the action!


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 Frag Dominant
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