PG2: coL.TF2 vs. paraGon Gaming

BY Andrew Miesner / February 2, 2009


compLexity walked into this match with no worries at all as they took on paraGon Gaming on cp_fastlane. compLexity dominated the first half as the score came down to 4-0 in favor of coL. In the second half, coL swiftly moved in and capped all the points in order to end the game. The final score was 5-0. Good game to paraGon Gaming.


Tonight the compLexity Team Fortress 2 guys are in action against paraGon Gaming for week 3-1 of CEVO Professional. compLexity is sitting at a 2-1 record as they have not played the week 2-2 match yet, but are looking very strong coming off the GotFrag Invitational win. coL will be looking to bounce back from last night’s loss to Team Coolmaster from the UK. paraGon is looking to boost their record as they are breaking even at 2-2. The match is set to be played at 10:00PM EST on cp_fastlane. If there is a SourceTV available we will be sure to post it for your viewing pleasure.

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