PG2: coL vs Devestation

BY Andrew Miesner / January 1, 2009

Post Game

From the get-go, coL came out looking for victory. Every coL player played at a high level, allowing coL to storm through the first half 8-1. In the second half Dev was able to get off a quick round, however coL took the next 2 with ease as coL won the match 10-2. Good game to both teams!



Tonight, coL takes on Devastation on de_nuke for the CGS Pro-Am CS:S Playoffs. Devastation comes into this match with a regular and postseason record of 10-3, while coL comes in with a record of the same. coL is lucky to be here after a very close match last night that ended up going into yet another overtime. coL was able to prevail, dominating the pistol style single OT round against CyberRev. If coL wants to remain in the playoffs and make their run for the finals, they will really need to step up their game or they will be in for a very rude awakening. As always, coverage will be provided. Information can be found on the scoreboard below.



CEVO-P Season 7






















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coL vs Devastation Recording!