PG2: coL vs Sway Gaming

BY Andrew Miesner / June 23, 2009

Post Game

Tonight, coL.cs took on Sway Gaming in their first match since the addition of Scott “Evolution” Cavallero. From the start, coL took it to Sway, dominating round after round, only dropping 1 round in the half. coL was able to take the first half 14-1 behind solid play from the whole team, including a top-fragging performence by evolution. In the second half, it was all coL once again, taking the 2 rounds needed to win, taking the match 16-1 and adding another victory to their ESEA-i record. Good game to both teams!


As coL.cs continues their push to the ESEA-Invite LAN Finals, they will be facing Sway Gaming on de_train tonight. This will be the first match with the new edition of Scott “Evolution” Cavallero. It will be a show for the team and “Evolution” especially as he proves to the radicoLs that he is the perfect fit for the team. The only other match that compLexity has had on de_train, they won in a commanding fasion. Look for them to come out tonight in complete confidence as they showcase what the addition has done for the team.

Sway Gaming, on the other hand, has had an up and down season. They are currently 5-6 in the current season and lost their last match on de_train. Be expecting of them to come out trying to take advantage of the change ups in compLexity’s roster in an attempt to upset the #1 team in ESEA-Invite. The match is scheduled for tonight at 10PM EST.Scorebot and spectator information will be available in #compLexity 15 minutes before the match starts.


Sway Gaming
Map: de_train
Demo: Download
Scorebot: #compLexity