PG2: DreamHoN Online Championships

BY Andrew Miesner / August 24, 2012

DreamHoN Online Championships – Finals

compLexity.HoN have managed to completely dominate the groupstage (stage 2) of the DreamHoN Summer Online Championship (DHSC). They beat fellow American team, Saishii 2 – 0, maintaining the teams perfect map score going into the finals. The team enters the finals as the top favourite and number one threat from the fellow competitors.

The finals (stage 3) series of DHSC will be entirely double-elimination, best of three, with the winner taking home the first place prize of $20,000 and a trip to DreamHack Winter 2011. As far as prize pools go, this is as big as it gets for online tournaments in eSports and the pressure will certainly be on team to perform given their status as tournament favourites.

Check out the brackets for the finals below:

On Saturday the 25th of August coL.HoN will be up against QSQUAD 357, a team that has shown a significant amount of improvement over the course of the season. The compLexity.HoN team will be looking to maintain the clean record and come out on top in this best of three series.

Be sure to tune into the HoNCast stream at 7AM PST on Saturday August 25th to watch the series!


Time: 07:00 PST / 16:00 CET
Format: Best of Three