PG2: Drewbie vs. ViOLet – ONOG i2

BY Andrew Miesner / March 28, 2012

Today compLexity’s own Drewbie will be taking on Empire.ViOLet in the One Nation of Gamers Invitation 2 (ONOG i2). Featuring a $5,000 prize pool and commentary from MrBitter, TumbaSC, Axeltoss, and itsGosuPokebunny, great games are pretty much sure thing.

For ONOG i2, One Nation of Gamers is pulling out all the stops, inviting the best pros from around the globe. The player list includes: Empire.Kas, vile.Illusion, coL.CatZ, Liquid.Sheth, EG.iNcontroL, Empire.viOLet, Quantic.SaSe, itsGosu.Pokebunny, Quantic.Destiny, ePi.Boyo, NrG.LuckyFool, vile.State, Quantic.Theognis, coL.Drewbie, aTn.Socke, iS.Axslav, Liquid.Ret, Liquid.TLO, and coL.Killer.

Because ONOG i2 is so much larger than the first tournament, the format has been adjusted. Now there will be Group Stages which lead into the Single elimination Round of 16 and Round of 8 (both best-of-3 series). The Round of 4 will be a best-of-5 series and the finals will be a best-of-7. The map pool will include:

  • IPL Metropolis
  • IPL Atlantis Spaceship
  • MLG Tal’darim Altar
  • MLG Daybreak
  • IPL Cloud Kingdom
  • GSL Terminus
  • MLG Antiga Shipyard
  • MLG Shakuras
  • MLG Dual Sight


Time: 5:00 PM EST 
Format: Best of Three


To check out tonight match tune into the ONOG stream at 5:00 PM EST.