PG2: Killer vs. Sting/GanZI vs. GuineaPig – GSL Code A

BY Andrew Miesner / April 30, 2012


coL.Killer has taken down NSHoSeo’s Sting in a quick 2-0 match. The two maps played were Atlantis Spaceship and Metropolis. Killer will move on to take on former Brood War pro, Fin of oGs (who dropped down from Code S this season) in the round of 32.

coL.Ganzi superseded Killer later to take on Guineapig, defeating him in a full BO3 set with a 2-1 map score. The first game was very much dominated by Ganzi, as he had hidden a third expansion and simply outproduced Guineapig. He did, however, hold off the four-gate by Guineapig with a single bunker, displaying spectacular micro and reaction time.

In the second game, Guineapig pulled off a similar tactic with a hidden early third and won the game, despite Ganzi’s desperate struggles. In the third game Ganzi closed out the series in a straight-forward game where he outplayed Guineapig en route to his next match which will be against GSL Super Arena winner TSLPolt, in what will surely be a stellar TvT.

Tonight two of compLexity SC2’s best and brightest will be playing in GOMtv’s GSL Code A. coL.Killer will be taking on the up and coming Terran player NSH_Sting, while coL.GanZI will be going head to head with the Protoss veteran GuineaPig.

Because there are so many players in Code A, GOMtv will be running an extended broadcast with the first four matches starting at 13:10 KST (00:10 EST) then the next four matches up at 18:10 KST (5:10 EST). Killer will be playing in the first set of matches while GanZI will be playing in the second.

Tonight’s match will be broadcasted on A free standard quality stream is available for the second set of matches, however if you want HD or the first set of games you’ll have to buy a GSL Season Pass. If you’re not able to stay up and watch the matches, the Season Pass will also give you access to the VoDs. Please tune in tonight and root for Killer and GanZI. You can send them words of encouragement via Twitter @coLGanZi and @coL_Killer.

Score 1 2 3 F
coL.Killer 1 1 2
NSH_Sting 0 0 0
Map: Atlantis Spaceship and Metropolis
Score 1 2 3 F
coL.GanZI 1 0 1 2
GuineaPig 0 1 0 1
Map: TBD