PG2: Triple Header Tonight!

BY Andrew Miesner / January 1, 2009
Update: The 1.6 match vs GB has been moved to midnight tonight.




Tonight, coL prepares for a triple header! Leading the night off will be a CGS Pro-Am 1.6 Playoff match, as coL takes on the Green Berets on de_nuke. GB isn’t quite the same as they used to be as far as the roster goes, however the team still consists of GB natives Jame^s, LuckyTed and PineKone. GB comes into the match with a 9-2, losing to POV (now x3o) and MaveN. GB can still pack a punch, however coL should be able to take this round 4 matchup. In the second and third match of the night, coL will be taking on the 3D.NY in both the CGS Pro-Am CS:S playoffs, and CEVO-P regular season. 3D.NY was able to take down coL the last time they played, and with coL having some trouble against the Venom last night, barely pulling out the win, this will be no easy task. coL will take on 3D on de_season for the CGS Pro-Am, and de_russka for CEVO. Tonight will definitely prove to be an intense set of matches as coL battles to make history. Coverage will be provided as always. Information can be found in the scoreboards below. The matches are set to begin at 10:30PM EST.


CGS Pro-Am CS:S Playoffs

CompLexity 4 – 10 3D.NY
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CEVO Professional Season 7

CompLexity 15 – 18 3D.NY
Scorebot: #compLexity

CGS Pro-Am 1.6 Playoffs

CompLexity 21 – 19 Green Berets
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coL vs 3D – CGS Pro-Am CS:S Recording!

coL vs 3D – CEVO-P Recording!

coL vs GB Recording!