Pink Zinic Organization Announced

BY Andrew Miesner / April 21, 2009

PinkZinicPink Zinic is a gaming organization that is made up of former Les Seules and MYM players Cazzidy, Nisse, zAAz, IpSa and inzane. The team is being managed by Bo Sachmann, former sales manager at ESNation and Jonas Gebhart, former Editor in Chief of ESNation. The Pink Zinic team was announced during a press conference in Copenhagen, Denmark earlier today, promising shoot-outs, tournament appearances and reaching out to the broader public in general. All this will be possible through the creation of “eSports’ reverse bidding platform”, provided by

Pink Zinic will be merging the marketing value of a female eSports team with the business model of the trading platform, which offers reverse auctions. How do reverse auction work you ask? currently offers three types – Xpress, ZerO,- and Unique Bid. You pay 0.50 € to take a shot at buying a valuable product for a very low price (or maybe free), but only one buyer wins. In the end there is one successful buyer while others wasted their credits.

Reverse auctioning has been criticized since being introduced, but the practice remains legal in Cyprus, where is registered. Reverse auctions are a fine line between being a regular retailer and a lottery, but with a certain level of knowledge about the mechanics it increases the chances of winning. All of the three types requires a different approach to win.

PinkZinicThis is how Pink Zinic will work: Zinicauctions will offer gaming products and other “stuff for young gamers” through a customized DuBli-Shop acting as a business partner, buying credits from DuBli and selling them to eSports fans while getting up to 25% commission. The users can take a shot at buying some nice gear with their credits.

SteelSeries is already partnered with the organization and it seems that their products will be the first to be sold at the reverse auctions. And who hasn’t dreamed of buying a SteelSeries 5Hv2 headset for as little as 2,50€ or another very small amount of money.

Pink Zinic will need as many people as possible start participating in the auctions as soon as they live. Because with each bid lowering the price, little participation leads to high prices and a little amount of sales. When goes live, it will need a ton of people coming in to buy credits and spend them, creating the prices that can be advertised as the best in eSports history.

 The PinkZinic Website can be found HERE and the auction site can be found HERE.