Player Caught Cheating Gets Knifed

BY Andrew Miesner / March 22, 2010

That’s right guys, a cheater gets a knife through his head. It all started out with an argument at a Counter-Strike Chinese Cyber Cafe. A seventeen year old boy was accused of wallhacking and as a result, he was stabbed in the head with a foot long knife. In the Jilin province of China, Counter-Strike players take cheating very seriously and do not tolerate it.

After the argument, the attacker decided to do show off his knifing skills outside the cafe by stabbing the young boy in the head. The tip of the blade was barely showing on the other side of his head and lucky for the victim he survived. Doctors explained how the knife missed major arteries which kept the boy from not bleeding excessively and driving to the hospital.

Counter-Strike players in the Jilin province of China take cheating extremely seriously, as evidenced by the grievous wound suffered by one suspected cheater on March 16. The 17-year-old victim was suspected of using a hack that allowed him to see through walls, giving him an obvious benefit in the computerized game of hide and go kill each other.

So how does someone survive a foot-long knife through the skull? According to doctors, the blade missed major arteries, which kept him from hemorrhaging, and managed to somehow avoid affecting motor skills even though the blade passed through areas that handle those functions.

Physician Yan Shi-jun, who operated on the young man, said that the chances of surviving such a wound were one in ten thousand. Those are pretty steep odds.