Players Harassed and Assaulted by Ukrainian Police

BY Andrew Miesner / January 23, 2011

In a story by, it has been confirmed that Baljit “zE-” Lal from TCM-Gaming and Roman “roman” Ausserdorfer from Mousesports were both harassed by Ukrainian police yesterday as they were in town for the IEM European Championship.

According to the story, Baljit did not have his passport with him when approached by police outside of a club. Because of this, he was asked to pay an undisclosed amount (under the table) to the police in order to avoid arrest and detainment. When the police found out that Baljit did not have any additional money with him, he was punched and brought to the ground. 30 minutes later, he was released by the authorities.

In a related incident, Mousesports star Roman “roman” Ausserdorfer was also asked for his passport which he did not have at the time, however, in this instance, he was able to pay the men and was not given any additional trouble.

Roman had this to say to


Because my passport was at the hotel, I had to pay the police (“money under the table”) if I did not want to be placed in a small “prison room” overnight,” he said on his Facebook wall.

They did not accept driver’s licence or any other personal documents.


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