Playing Protoss with Antimage

BY Andrew Miesner / February 27, 2011

ESEANews has sat down with coL.Antimage to go over a replay on Lost Temple against NrGostojiy, an American Zerg player.

Hi everyone, this is Antimage and some of you know me as Victor. Just a short background – I played Starcraft “mostly” recreationally (C+ iccup) and Warcraft III/Dota. I found Starcraft II as a very exciting game as it was undiscovered, unexplored and unmastered.

The replay is from game 4 of a Best-of-5 series in the semi-finals of the Universities of Southern Ontario Gamers Tournament (I was down 1-2 going into this game).

To check out the review and download the replay head on over to ESEANews