Playoffs Ahead For coL.DOTA

BY Andrew Miesner / November 12, 2014

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

As the bootcamp in sunny California draws closer to the end, coL.DOTA is also entering the home stretch in several big online competitions. Not only has the team managed to steamroll the competition in the North American Summit 2 qualifier to claim the first seed, they’ve also advanced in the Battle of America tournament. After the disappointing results during the ASUS ROG DreamLeague North American group this is a confidence boost at an opportune time.

If the team manages to build off that momentum, reaching the intimate environment of The Summit 2 shouldn’t be too much. Overall the team improved and played well for the majority of their matches, despite the setback with team member Andrew ‘Riser’ Bronze stepping down due to health issues. Bloody Nine flew to the team house straight away and has been a serviceable replacement for large parts. With his help the team coasted to the first place in The Summit 2 North American group and a second place finish their Battle of America group. Both times the team only had to concede a total of two maps to clinch the first spot, finishing their The Summit 2 group with 9-2 and their Battle of America group with 12-2.

Now the playoffs call, especially in the all important The Summit tournament. Four teams remain in the chase for only one ticket to the event. Swindlemelonzz and his team will first go up against Team Leviathan in a match ripe for revenge. During the group play coL suffered a bitter and surprising upset loss against their North American team foes. Now they meet again in a match with much higher stakes, a perfect opportunity to settle the score.

The forecast of this match would predict a compLexity Gaming win, given their flawless record against Leviathan during the Battle of America event. Both teams squared off in the same group with coL winning all four of the games. It looks like it’s all set for another match between these two teams with the Winner Bracket Finals as a reward for the victor. In that match it will be either NaVi.US or Peruvian pride Not Today waiting. The first day starts today as compLexity.Dota embarks on the journey all the way to The Summit of the Dota world.

As the online portion of the Summit draws to a close, so too does coL.DOTA’s time on the West Coast. After this week the members will travel back to their respective homes, at least for a short while. The competition however, will only be on hold for a couple days. Tough challenges in Dota Pit Season 2, I-League, Battle of America playoffs and Starladder are ahead.

Especially the Dota Pit Season 2 event has led to coL.DOTA emerging as a serious contender in the Dota scene, fighting off the strongest of opponents. At the moment the team under the black and red banner is on it’s way to a third place finish in a group including top tier teams like Evil Geniuses, Virtus.Pro, Team Tinker, Alliance and 4ASC. The real statement win for Swindlemelonzz and his team in their young history came just in this event, when they defeated their nemesis EG with 2-0 sweep. After that colossal victory the two games left to be played are against former HoN opponents Loda and Akke with their Alliance team and against SingSing and his Team Tinker. Both won’t be easy, but coL.DOTA has improved and rose to the occasion several times – everything is possible.

Tune in to The Summit playoffs as coL.DOTA takes on Leviathan at 3:30PM EST (2130 CET).