Please don’t stop the music

BY Andrew Miesner / April 6, 2009

Can video games revive the ailing music industry?

Written by Jordan “analyze” Schultz

Almost everybody in the world enjoys some sort of music in some way, shape or form. Music has revolutionized the world around us. It is the latest and greatest form of art. In my opinion, music is comparable to plays back in the day. Yes I know plays are still going on, but not as often. Music is changing; people want to be more involved with it. Apparently dancing and singing have not been enough. People now want to start playing a game with their music.

The games most people are familiar with are: Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar hero and Rock Band.  Taken from a reliable source, Rock Band’s total sales have surpassed one billion dollars. Guitar Hero III alone has also sold over one billion dollars worth. This should be making your eyes explode out of your head. These games have become so popular with so many different ages.  If those numbers did not work, maybe this will. “The Rock Band franchise made more money in 2008 than any other game, according to NPD Group, a games industry analyst firm.” “As of this March, users paid for and downloaded more than 40 million songs to use with Rock Band.”

This phenomenon does not just include the three main titles we are all used to hearing. It goes out to several other titles on the computer and even cell phones. “It’s a much broader market than people are currently giving it credit for,” says Nabeel Hyatt, CEO and founder of Conduit Labs, which maintains a social network built around playing music-related games online, called Loudcrowd.

One main effect this is having on the economy is CD Sales. They have dropped tremendously ever since these games came about and started getting popular. This is causing sales associates to really rethink their sales strategies. They are going to need to find a way to tap into these games, and make their music more entertaining. If they can find a good way to promote their music through games, they will be back on top.

It seems these new music games are huge at social activities. People have begun organizing huge LAN parties at their houses just for Rock Band or Guitar Hero. It is really more than just a game; it is a form of art and social entertainment. With the help of the video gaming revolution, music is growing larger by the minute, and attracting more and more people to listen. New bands are going to have an easier time getting their music out there and becoming known with these games that interest huge crowds. What is next to come with music and games?

Source: Tech Review