PNY CS:S & COD5 Tourneys

BY Andrew Miesner / December 31, 2008

PNY CS:S & CoD5 Graphics Plus Tournaments

What: Online PC Gaming Tournaments for CS:S & CoD5
When: Jan 12-22 (CS:S) & Jan 26 – Feb 4 (CoD5)

That’s right… Just in time for the holidays PNY is launching online activities everyone can participate in! Online PC Tournaments, a Folding@Home contest, and a 3DMark contest will all be part of the activities kicking off in December.

Each online tournament is FREE to enter for US Residents and will feature thousands of dollars in prizing! Winners will receive PNY XLR8 products and everyone has a chance to win just for contributing to a good cause by Folding! More PC Tournament details and contest rules will be released in the coming days!

The great PNY product prizes below will be provided to first, second, and third place teams from both PC Tournaments!


* PNY XLR8 9800 GTX + 512MB Graphics Card (QTY 5)


* PNY 9800 GT 1GB Graphics Card (QTY 5)


* PNY 4GB 800/4 Memory Kit (QTY 5)

To get started now, head over to and register today! Once each event kicks off, you’ll receive info in you email inbox with all the details!

If you’ve already registered, hit up the Tournaments page ( to sign up!