European Championship

BY Andrew Miesner / January 8, 2011

Starting today, January 8th, the European Championship StarCraft 2 tournament will begin. The tournament features several of Europes best players including EG’s DeMusliM and TheLittleOne from Germany. Players will be competing for a $7,775 USD prize pool.

The tournament will consist of a 32 player double-elimination bracket with each match scheduled to be a best of three scenario. The semi-finals will feature best of five matches, which should result in very intense play from both sides.

 Featured Players

 TheLittleOne  Gandi
 HayprO  Daut
 SjoW  elfittaja
 SeleCT  GoOdy
 Zion  merz
 Lau  RunA
 Jimpo  ZAiN
 iNSoLeNCE  MorroW
 ActionJesuz  kAra
 ParanOid  Mana
 SarenS  DeMusliM