Pre-Academy Interview with XxElitexX

BY Andrew Miesner / June 15, 2011


Interview by Nathan Zamora

Prior to the first expulsion tournament to take place on Saturday, June 25th, we are taking this time to sit down with as many of our cadets as possible in order to introduce them to you, the fans. Below you’ll find their application video as well as a short interview about themselves.


Application Video


That’s quite a video…err… song.  Have you always been musically inclined?

I’ve always been easily hooked onto anything someone can achieve anything and feel a good sensation… I guess that’s anything really. With that said, music is one of the subjects that I more consistently enjoyed and thus tried to express myself in the best way I can.

When you first started playing games, was it simply a hobby or did you feel the desire to get better from the get go?

With regards to my previous answer, I like to “over-achieve.” I saw that I could make something out of SC2 and from the start wanted to do just that. Watching “pro” games, I felt I could perform at that level, if not better, and entertain many in the process as well.

What exactly about Terran makes you play them over the others?

I played Zerg as my main and Protoss as my alt in Broodwar, and I would be doing the same right now if my computer allowed for the situation. I feel that with Terran I have the best chance of ending the game before a 200/200 situation occurs, due to the race’s flexibility and their overall early/mid game options. With that said, I consider myself a macro player as I simply cannot play late-game with my given conditions, where micro becomes critical in a big battle. I’m banking on compLexity to help me change this.

What are your best and worst matchups?  Why?

My best matchup is currently TvT, as I feel that I understand the Terran race and the importance of small details, such as placement of buildings, scans, reaction to opponent moves, etc. Currently, my worst matchup is TvP as I have a very difficult time dealing with protoss all-in’s, as I often get greedy and try to fast expand. The punishment for a terran that takes early damage is mentally crippling and can result in a quick loss depending on how well the protoss player understands how to capitalize (hold counter-aggression with forcefields, safe teching to colossus/templars).

What asset of your SC2 game do you feel helps you overcome adversity when you get surprised or are at a disadvantage?

I think my overall ability to keep calm under pressure definitely helps me in an uphill battle. I am not very often surprised, though I do not give the best reactions to certain things I know coming (2 barracks vs 6 gateway all in and losing)

Is there anything you do outside of the game that you feel helps you when you set foot onto the virtual battlefield?


Where do you see yourself a few years down the road?  Will you be releasing any new songs?

Heh, music has always been a hobby and I may go back and forth with it depending on a few things, but I really do hope I can make something out of Starcraft 2. With the right equipment, I think I have what it takes to work my way up.

Any final comments or shout outs?

shoutout to my 5 man fanbase, allen nowang, Benjamin Smith, samson nowang, some brown people, nick schlong, my financial broker mike Amaju, some chinees nerds i dunk on in ball everyday, my former gaming community nadota, and most of all the keyboard warriors, !confirm