Pre-UMG Interview with ACHES

BY Andrew Miesner / December 28, 2012

Prior to heading to Chicago, Illinois for UMG’s $10,000 LAN event, we sat down with the newest member of the compLexity family, Patrick “ACHES” Price for a little one on one time.

Explain briefly your background in competitive Call of Duty.

I have always played COD since the first one came out on the original Xbox. My competitive run began in COD4 were I didn’t see a lot of success but it was just the start. MW2 is the first game I began to see success and that lead into multiple championships and runner up at the national championship. Moving into Black Ops 1 is where I really began to dominate with my team. We won 2 MLG’s, a $25,000 online tournament and much more. I’ve always been very picky in my roster selection and I believe that is what leads to my success. I believe this year will be my best competitive title to date.

How has the transition from Quantic Gaming to compLexity Gaming been thus far?

The transition from Quantic to complexity has been fantastic thus far. They both have very family like traits that are so welcoming. Everyone I’ve met so far are awesome guys and I cannot wait to represent them and bring some great things in 2013.

What events are you planning on attending this competitive season?

This year we plan to attend multiple events, starting with UMG this weekend. Hopefully more Leagues pick up CoD Black Ops 2. There’s a chance you’ll be seeing us overseas as well!

Who have you recruited to be on your team? Could you briefly explain their competitive experience?

I’ve been teaming with Tyler (Teepee) for a little over two years now, and we plan to continue our dominance for a while. He’s been around just about as long as I have and we have very similar goals. Newly added to the team, Ian (Crimsix) was a past COD pro before he turned Halo pro and is now back to dominate COD. Many people doubted me in this roster move, but they’ve been proven wrong. Finally, Damod (fears) is back and we’ve seen previous success with him, most notibaly the 25k Ladder and he’s an absolute animal. If his attitude was perfect every game he’d be unstoppable.

How is the team doing so far against the top competition in CoD?

This team is doing amazing so far in Black Ops 2 as we just won the machinima Frag cup 4! I’m extremely confident and excited for this squad moving foward.

What do you feel is the biggest strength of your team that separates you from the rest?

Our natural talent, that’s the biggest key to our success. We are all very good in the beginning of games and don’t have to adapt as much as other players. We also have some amazing team chemistry and communication.

With the UMG 10k tournament in December being your first Black Ops 2 LAN event, what kind of impact are you planning on making?

Well, we just won the first big online tournament and we hope to continue that on LAN, so were going for the repeat. We don’t like setting goals like t8 or t4, we just want 1st.

As you may know, UMG has adopted a ruleset that allows Score Streaks, what is your take on this addition to competitive CoD? Do you feel like this could be a high impact boost to viewership?

I personally did not like the idea of score streaks and I’m still not a big fan of them. However, I do not think they will impact viewership at all.

What do you feel is Call of Duty’s most attractive aspect in regards to it’s competitive side?

The callouts, along with amazing gunskill and tactics. If the casual player could understand them they’d really enjoy it.

How many energy drinks have you consumed since Black Ops 2’s release?

Not too many! I’ve consumed a lot of water however, trying to stay as healthy as possible! I did have some Redbull though!

If there’s one piece of advice you could share to the up and coming teams in our community, what would it be? What gave you the drive to be as successful as you are?

Don’t give up and find people you enjoy teaming with inside and outside of the game.

What are your expectations for competitive Call of Duty in 2013?

My expectations are higher for 2013 than they’ve ever been for any game. This is our year to shine and I think we will do justice to the compLexity Gaming name.