Pre-WCS Nationals Interview with coL.Academy Fuzzy

BY Andrew Miesner / July 14, 2012

Today, Nick “Fuzzy” Degtiarev from the compLexity Academy will be playing in the WCS Nationals looking to represent Canada. He’s got a hard bracket ahead of him with players like Atttero, Firezerg, Huk, and Ostojiy in the mix. That said, Fuzzy is a great player capable of upsetting any of the established names in StarCraft II. Recently I had the chance to sit down with Fuzzy and get his thoughts on the tournament.

Well, first off allow me to congratulate you on qualifying for the WCS Canadian Nationals. Could you tell us a bit about the qualification process?

Well I qualified through I believe the 2nd or 3rd online qualifier for WCS and I beat Tubbythefat in the finals (he took out coLRyze in semis and I believe and beat Huk out of a MLG invite only online qualifier). On the day of the tournament though I had a horrible sleeping problem where I only had about 4 hours of sleep for the last 2 days and was extremely sick as well, so I thought I wouldn’t get far in the qualifiers that day but i ended up not dropping a single game. ^_^

Now that you’ve qualified for the Nationals and had a chance to look at the bracket, how do you think the tournament will go? Who would you say is your biggest competition?

I looked at my bracket and I predict that I should be  able to get through the first day.  I have to play a RL friend in round 1 so I’m pretty confident that I will take that game and I have been doing a lot of TvZ lately so I doubt I will lose round 2 (expecting Drewbie to make it out of r1).  In round 3 I will face Atttero or Firezerg and I’m confident that I can beat either one of them. I beat firezerg out of the last coL Academy MLG tournament and I was on Atteros team for a month prior to joining The Academy so I know his playstyle well and can metagame him.  My biggest concern is who I would play in Round 4 because I would have to play Huk or Ostojiy who are favored to win the whole entire tournament.

What is your main motivation for this tournament? Are you focused on the prize money or are you more interested in representing your country on the world’s stage?

My main motivation as of right now is to get a good fanbase behind me so that when I start streaming I will have a decent number of people already following me.  I also want to qualify for the finals so that I can attend summer MLG with a full expenses paid trip.  Prize money would be cool too :3 moneys never bad to have!

How have you been preparing for the WCS Nationals? What is the average training day for Fuzzy look like?

I have been doing 8-12 hours per day of StarCraft spread across a number of accounts on EU and NA servers (massing ladder), as well as custom games vs players like coLRyze and coLTrimaster.  Aside from that I watch all the GSL ZvX matches to stay fresh with new metagame and change my playstyle to whatever is more current.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. Are there any shoutouts or words for your fans before we finish up?

I don’t think I have any fans but if you’re interested in following me my twitter is

Again I want to thank Fuzzy for taking the time to answer my question. Please keep an eye out for him today as he takes on the best players from Canada in the WCS Nationals.