Preview: coL.White vs Monstar Kittenz – NA Spring Expansion Tournament

BY Andrew Miesner / November 14, 2014

By Jorge Calderon – @coL_Caldo

Round 1 of the North American Spring Expansion Tournament draws near, and coL.White is set to face off against Monstar Kittenz. For those that do not know, coL.White is comprised of Westrice, Kez, Goldenglue, Impactful, and Lohpally. Their opponents are the Number 8 ranked 5v5 team who are all new to the competitive League of Legends scene. Although they are new to the competitive scene, they are all solid players who should not be underestimated.

One interesting thing about Monstar Kittenz is their AD-Carry Hoofspark; he enjoys playing a lot of Draven and is 5-2 with him throughout the ranked ladder. In addition, their top laner, Big ol Ron, prefers to play Irelia in the top lane, much like Westrice. Throughout their journey to join the expansion tournament, they have been relatively unsuccessful in defeating some of the top challenger teams including Coast and coL.White. In fact, their ranked 5v5 game against coL.White ended up in a 28-11 win in favor of coL.White at 28 minutes. In that game, Westrice went completely hard on Bog ol Ron and ended up leaving him 0/10/1 by the end of the match.

If coL.White are able to take down Monstar Kittenz in this Best of 3, they will advance to the second round to face off against Curse Academy. For now however, they have their eyes set upon their current enemies on the Rift. Overall, I believe coL.White will be able to pull off a clean 2-0 sweep purely based on experience and communication.

Be sure to tune in at 11 AM PST on Saturday, November 15th over at