Protoss 4Gate to be Addressed in Next Patch

BY Andrew Miesner / April 22, 2011

In a post by Kapeselus, a community manager at Blizzard, he mentions that Blizzard is currently looking into the 4Gate by Protoss players.

According to him, it is possible that the fix will come in the form of a nerf or reduced build times, however this has not been made clear yet.

Below is the entire post from Kapeselus:


Hello to you, Protoss players. I am coming with a gift of information that some of you may find interesting!

We have been looking into the 4gate issue and our designers have played with a lot of different fixes and changes, even those that were not strictly numbers related. While strong, 4gate is a lesser problem in other matchups, but we recognize that PvP is a different story.

Just throwing a nerf bat at warpgates would make protoss weak in early game. This is why we are currently looking at increasing warpgate research time, while at the same time compensating for it with reducing build time of protoss tier 1-1.5 units (though build times reduced only for gateways, cooldowns will stay the same for warpgates). This is an example of a fix you may see, but our developers plan to explore further options, before the patch officially hits.

We will address 4gate in the next patch. Forums


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