Providence, Rhode Island

BY Andrew Miesner / November 17, 2011

Today, compLexity takes to the air for the last stop on the MLG Pro-Circuit in Providence, Rhode Island. The MLG Providence National Championships will play host to the best gamers from MLG stops of the past, as well as new gamers looking to leave their mark on the scene. The event is being held at the Rhode Island Convention Center and will begin tomorrow, Friday, November 18th.

Additionally, Tails from compLexity MVP will be heading to the United Kingdom today for the IPL UK event that will be held at insomnia44. Tails will be competing for his shot at $20,000 and a spot at IPL4 in the USA next year.

The following compLexity members will be participating in MLG Providence:

  • Drewbie (Open)
  • Catz (Open)
  • Naniwa (Champs)
  • Ryan (Open)
  • coLMVP.sC (Open)
  • coLMVP.Keen (Open)
  • coLMVP.DRG (Champs)
  • coL.FB – Halo: Reach


Stay tuned as we bring you the latest from the action packed weekend in Providence!