Punto.cL to Miss IEM

BY Andrew Miesner / September 26, 2010

Several days ago we announced the groups for the IEM5 American Finals at ComicCon in New York City. Rounding out Group B, along with EG, ex-Loaded and Backfire was Punto.cL, a Chilean team who was one of the three South American teams invited to the event.

Unfortunately for the team, they have announced that they will be unable to attend as they can’t afford the travel expenses. This comes after Punto.cL was originally the team that would be stepping in for Wild Ineters who were forced to decline the invitation for the very same reason.

The IEM organizers have announced that the American teams of WinOut and Excello will be playing an online match to determine who will attend the event to make Group B an all-American group.

The announcement regarding this can be found below:


Unfortunately neither Quake Live player John ‘ZeRo4‘ Hill nor the Chilean Counter-Strike team Punto cL will be able to attend the American Championship Finals taking place in about two weeks. Dan ‘vamp1re‘ Bradham will step in for Zero4 into group B of the Quake Live groupstage. Punto’s replacement will be determined in a match between WinOut.net and excello.zowie, which both lost their previous relegation matches.


More information about the event and the announcement can be found by clicking here.