Pyre and DuSteR Patel Join The compLexity Academy!

BY Andrew Miesner / February 19, 2013

Today the compLexity Academy is pleased to announce the next two members to join the StarCraft II squad.

The first player really doesn’t need that much of an introduction. He’s been a prominent member of the eSports community and a large part of the team Infinity 7’s success. Of course I’m referring to the great Terran player Jonathan “Pyre” Topielski. Aside from being on one of the bigger North American teams, Pyre has traveled to numerous tournaments and put up admirable results. With the intense training regime and driven practice partners the Academy has to offer, we at compLexity are confident that Pyre will accomplish great things.

While the second player to join the Academy may not be as famous as Pyre, he’s still a major competitor in the North American scene. Tariq “DuSteR” Patel is a Canadian student who plays Protoss. He’s had quite a bit of success including a top 16 finish in WCS Canada, as well as a 5-1 run through the open bracket at MLG Raleigh (only falling to Heart 2-1).

The addition of these two players will undoubtedly make the Academy much stronger. They bring a wealth of game knowledge as well as plenty of experience at major tournaments. We at compLexity are expecting some great things from both Pyre and DuSteR.