QPAD Heaton Mousepad Revamped

BY Andrew Miesner / April 23, 2010

HeatoN Expands Pad Series – “Perfect Pad” Resized


QPAD, the Swedish company famed for it’s premium gaming gear, today announced the release of a new Heaton mouse pad.

“The feedback I got from the first release has been extremely positive. The one thing people have requested is the same quality feeling in a smaller size. So making a QPAD HeatoN in a smaller size felt like the obvious next step. It’s smaller but still big. ” – Says Emil “HeatoN” Christenssen.

“Internaly we have been joking about customers having to check in the HeatoN pad at airports. Now we can provide the same HeatoN pad that you can bring with you in your carry-on luggage”. Says QPAD president Christer Körnbäck.

The QPAD HeatoN pad resized

The new QPAD HeatoN Medium has a size of 36.5 x 28 cm compared with the first version QPAD HeatoN XL that was 43.5 x 36.5 x 0.35cm. The new size is adjusted to fit every gamers table. The surface is constructed in a 3 layer construction. Starting with a high quality cross weave natural rubber base to make it stay firm on the table. The second layer is an ABS plastic sheet to give it stability and weight. The third surface layer is made from a durable Carbytek™ plastic that offers a unimagined feeling of speed in combination with smooth micro precision control. The combination of a spongy 2mm natural rubber base with an 1mm ABS board in between and the Carbytek™ hard top surface gives it a feeling unique for the QPAD HeatoN series. The weight of 550 gram makes it stay firmly on the table.


With the best glide ever on a hard top gaming pad together with the durability so the glide won’t change every week. I would have to say that we have developed the perfect plastic pad that will never interfere with your game and make sure you are always on the top of your game.


Release and availability
QPAD®|HeatoN™ Medium will be available in partner shops during May 2010 with a recommended price of 31.92 EUR + VAT, you can pre-order from selected QPAD resellers today!

Product specifications
Name: QPAD®|HeatoN™
Size: Medium 36.5 x 28 x 0.4cm
Color: Black
Surface: Carbytek™ Hard top
Base: Natural rubber, ABS board.
Weight: 550 gram
Other: QPAD Glidz included
EAN code: 7350020290763
Article number: 3903
RSP: 31.92 EUR + vat

About Heaton:
Emil “HeatoN” Christensen is a legend for his achievements in the Counter-Strike 1.6 pro gaming arena, and his unique technique when shooting. By taking his team “NiP” (Ninjas in Pyjamas) to winning the World Championship and once more with the successful team SK-Gaming, HeatoN has been a centre figure in the pro-gaming arena for a long time. After retiring as an active pro gamer he became General Manager for the Swedish team “Stockholm Magnetik” in the global gaming tournament CGS. Emil “HeatoN” Christenssen has won several tournaments around the world e.g. 9 CPL, 4 CPL World Championships, 1 World Cyber Games and 3 Nations cups and several other tournaments. Today Emil “HeatoN” Christenssen is making a living out of developing gaming products with several brands. Heaton recently launched his first gaming mouse pad together with QPAD.

About QPAD:
QPAD built its success on a grassroots commitment to the gaming community. Like you, we thrive in the madness of competition and embrace the free spirit of gaming. Our sponsorship of the QTOUR, communities, cups, tournaments, teams and LAN parties reflects this commitment. The knowledge we’ve gained has fed into our development of high quality products that have a great performance and given many a winning edge. For more information on QPAD, visit the official website: www.qpad.se