QTOUR 1on1 Championship Norway

BY Andrew Miesner / March 31, 2010

QTOUR 1on1 Championship Norway

QPAD and The Gathering are proud to present The annual QTOUR Championship, the most prestigious 1 on 1 Counter-Strike tournament in the world at The Gathering in Hamar, Norway, between 31st March to 4th April.

Michael “mikkis” Sokki is back to defend his title

Fourteen of the most famous and skilled players in Norway are invited to clash for the championship title. Last year’s champion Michael “mikkis” Sokki is back to defend his title against both old school players like Jon Thomas “DaY” Rudstørm plus some of the hottest new comer of the year like CLD, REASTEN and KORN.

QTOUR Championship Norway 2010 seeding:

1. Michael “Mikkis” Sokki
2. Raymond “RashiE” Nielsen
3. Hans Petter “CLD” Nykkelmo
4. Jon Thomas “DaY” Rudstørm
5. Kristian “KORN” Hokland
6. Øynvind “KF3” Magnestad
7. Martin “hellzerk” Solbakken
8. Thomas “Vertigo” Andresen
9. Bjørn Eirik “Pekky” Møller-Nielsen
10. Kenneth “REASTEN” Kristiansen
11. Anders “bjERKE” Bjerke
12. Gunnar “zEn” Eng
13. Kristoffer “PAH” Rørberg
14. Nima “Neverlast” Nimbakht
15. TBA Qualifier
16. TBA Qualifier


Previous QTOUR results:

2009 QTOUR Championship Norway

1.Michael “mikkis” Sokki – Team Excello
2.Tommy “tacky” Mosgaard – Team Alchemists
3-4.Mats “noLA” Nygren –
3-4.Sindre “Sviken” Rygg –


2008 WCG QTOUR Championship Norway

1. Matis “noLA” Nygren
2. Jean-Michael “Ludden” Poudroux
3. Lasse “stingeR” Midtstue


2007 QTOUR Championship Norway

1. Lasse “stingeR” Midtstue
2. Øyvind “KF3” Magnestad
3. Matis “noLA” Nygren


Open qualification for the two final spots:

The qualification for the two remaining slots in the finals will take place during Wednesday 31st March and Thursday 1st April. The format will be “King of the hill”, meaning that the two players that win most matches during the day will move forward to the grand final on Saturday. The final is starting April 1st.


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About QTOUR Championship

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