Quake-Live.TV Beta Announced

BY Andrew Miesner / May 13, 2009

Quake Live TV has been announced to be the next generation stop for shoutcasting and ESports stop for all Quake Live enthusiasts. The new website will offer high quality videos for download, live streaming broadcasts, a demo database, match recaps, and many articles that revolve around Quake Live. 

The site is currently in beta and they ask for your help in exploring the site. You can leave feedback on the forums about bugs and just general inquires.

Quake-Live.TV Statement:

Quake Live TV is the new shoutcasting and e-sports destination for the Quake Live competitive community. Quake Live TV offers high quality video downloads, live, video streamed shoutcasts, a demo repository, match histories, featured competitive videos, quality e-sports articles, and more.

Coming from EnemyTerritory.tv, our team has over a year of experience. We’ve shoutcasted over 100 matches, have 71 high quality “Video on Demand” match replays, dozens of articles and news stories. We were the official provider at QuakeCon 2008 for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars coverage. We plan to bring this high quality content with a fresh and improved outlook for Quake Live.

We’re currently in beta testing, please help us by exploring our website and posting feedback, critiques, and bug reports on our forums!