Quick Reactions, Fragile Bodies

BY Andrew Miesner / June 8, 2010

Note: This study or any variables involved can not be confirmed by CompLexity Gaming.

Dr Dominic Micklewright, from the University of Essex conducted numerous physical and psychological tests to see if playing computer games could be defined as a sport.

The tests came back that gamers had traits that are comparable to real athletes. They reacted to visual stimuli almost as fast as fighter jet pilots.  However, their fitness levels were very low and made them seem older than their actual ages.


Someone of this age should be much fitter, but perhaps this is the occupational hazard of the professional gamer who can spend around 10 hours a day in front of a screen. It is always difficult to say how these things will develop, but it could have long term health implications such as an increased risk of heart disease. Screen time with children has a very strong correlation with childhood obesity and risk factors with heart disease later in life. – Dr Micklewright, University of Essex


Dr. Micklewright was very surprised by how close these gamers compared to pro-athletes with reflexes, but shocked to discover the health results.


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