QXC and Goswser – CSL All Star Invitational Voting

BY Andrew Miesner / April 12, 2012

Today the Collegiate Star League announced the CSL All Star Invitational; a small, 8-player tournament with $5,000 in prize money to be played at the CSL Grand Finals on June 2-3. What makes this tournament so interesting is that the fans get to choose which players are invited.

According to the post: “10 players from each race were chosen based on the following criteria: CSL performances, ladder, and tournament results. Four administrators made lists and the average of those lists are the final players. Everyone will be able to vote for a player of each race they think should be an All Star! The top 2 from each race will be awarded invitations to the event. The final two players will be chosen by a coordinator vote. No coordinator can vote for his or her own player.”

compLexity has two players in the running for invitations: Kevin “QXC” Riley and Michael “Goswser” Dobler. Help us get our players into the CSL All Star Invitational by voting in this TeamLiquid thread. The polls close on May 5, so make sure you get your vote in before then.