QXC and Hendralisk to Germany for HSC VII

BY Andrew Miesner / June 20, 2013

Today, Kevin “qxc” Riley and Henry “hendralisk” Zheng will by flying out to Krefeld, Germany to participate in HomeStory Cup VII. This will be the first time both players will be participating in this esteemed tournament.

For those of you who may not be familiar with HSC, it’s a four day tournament that has a much more laid back atmosphere compared to traditional tournaments. The event hosted by Dennis “TaKe” Gehlen at his studio apartment, have players from around the world fly in to play StarCraft II and just have fun with other progamers. What makes HSC such a unique event is that it provides much more access to the players compared to other tournaments. Expect to see various players and eSports personalities get on camera and provide their point of view on the games.

HSC features a $25,000 prize pool and will follow a format similar to the GSL. It starts out with two group stages (Ro32 – 8 groups, Ro16 – 4 groups) before turning into a standard single-elimination playoff bracket. The players were selected through a series of online qualifiers, one for each region (Korean, North America, and Europe), while others were invited to the tournament. To see a full list of players at the event and the groups they’ve been placed into click here.

To watch HSC this weekend, tune into Taketv’s stream. Due to the games being played in Germany, you’re going to have to get up pretty early to watch the entire broadcast. The games will start up at 6:00 AM EST.


coL.QXC  0 VS  2 Happy
coL.QXC 0 VS 2 PandaTank
coL.QXC  2 VS  0 Happy
coL.Hendralisk  0 VS  2 Snute
coL.Hendralisk  0 VS  2 HasuObs