Raiynz and Cheezycookie Depart CA.LoL, Lohpally and Vileroze Join

BY Andrew Miesner / February 1, 2013

The compLexity Academy would like to announce that two players from the League of Legends team are leaving. We’d like to thank James “Raiynz” Lee and Solomon “Cheezycookie” Davidsohn for their time with the team.

Fans of CA.LoL shouldn’t be concerned about the team. While we’ve lost two players, their spots will be filled by Derek “Lohpally” Abrams and Joseph “Vileroze” Bourassa. With the addition of Lohpally and Vileroze, CA.LoL will be back in tournament shape in no time.

Be sure to keep an eye out for these two new members of The compLexity Academy as they take the field along side their teammates in the upcoming IPL6 qualifiers.