RAK: Gamers for Giving 2009

BY Andrew Miesner / February 2, 2009

As part of our continuing Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) program, we wanted to let the coL Community know about an upcoming event we feel is worth noting.

The Gamers Outreach Foundation is hosting a video gaming event for charity, Gamers For Giving. The event has been announced to take place February 27, 28 and March 1st. It is set to be a BYOC for 300 people to bring either their PC or console. There are a few headlining activities which include a Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament and a 2v2 Halo 3 Tournament where first place wins $1,000. The event will be donating to charities for overseas troops, underprivileged schools, childrens’ hospitals, and much more.

About the Event:
Each year, our foundation hosts one of the largest video game conventions in the state of Michigan, Gamers for Giving. Gamers for Giving acts as our primary annual fundraising event. It’s a 3-day-straight gaming event where gamers have the chance to come together for charity. Last year, our event helped to promote Autism research, education, and awareness by generating needed funds for a local chapter of the Autism Society of America. This year, Gamers for Giving will focus on raising funds to catapult our own 2009 community initiatives.

Like last year, this year’s event includes a non-stop 300 man LAN party, combined with a 2v2 $1,000 dollar Halo 3 tournament. Additionally, on Friday, we’ll be hosting a Super Smash Brothers Brawl tournament. Some of the other upgrades we’ll be making from last year’s event include the introduction of free play areas, a designated challenge area, (where you’ll be able to win prizes by competing in mini-tournaments) and Gamers for Giving LIVE (a live broadcast of the event that will be streamed on our website).

We’ll be updating this page regularly as the event draws closer. Check back frequently for updates. You’ll find all of the information regarding this year’s event below, or you can use the navigation bar on the left to quickly access specific information about the event’s activities. If you have any questions, or you represent a company interested in sponsoring this year’s event, shoot us an e-mail at [email protected]
Additional Activities:
Additional activities are, as the name implies, other activities happening at Gamers for Giving while our headlining activities are taking place.

Gamers for Giving: LIVE
We’ll be streaming a live broadcast from the Gamers for Giving event on the homepage of our website. Come to the event and be a part of the show!

Free Play Areas:
This year, we’re doing our best to gather as many gaming consoles and computer rigs as possible to provide all attendees the chance to play and try new games.

In our designated “Challenge Area,” we’ll be hosting mini-tournaments throughout the weekend where you’ll have the chance to compete against other Gamers for Giving event attendees for prizes. Mini-tournaments are free, and are open to all event attendees. Details TBA.

A staple element of Gamers for Giving, our annual raffle helps us generate additional revenue to fund our community programs. It’s a great way to donate and win some cool stuff while you’re at it! Raffle prizes will be announced soon.

If you wish to find out more about the foundation or the event itself, follow the links below!

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