RAK Returns – Project Manana

BY Andrew Miesner / July 14, 2011

Dear compLexity Community:

It is with great pleasure that I announce, on behalf of the entire compLexity Gaming family, the return of Random Acts of Kindness or “RAK.”  RAK is compLexity’s effort to to encourage the coL Community to support the less fortunate and aid those in need.  Started in late 2007 the initiative has seen compLexity players volunteering (Ronald McDonald House in 2008) and our community raising money for different charities.  RAK was the embodiment of our tradition of charity work that already included funding drives for Tsunami relief, Katrina and Haiti.

For the remainder of 2011, RAK will be focused on a project close to my heart: Project Mañana.  Project Mañana is a small charity that provides food and education for impoverished children in the Domincan Republic.  Started a year ago by Brian Berman, a good friend of mine, the charity already feeds and educates nearly 70 children every day.  It is a small operation with 100% of your donations going directly to the children.  Mr. Berman takes no salary for his efforts.  Unlike previous drives we have conducted, where our efforts definitely helped but were a drop in the bucket, our support for this small charity will make a huge (and direct) difference in the lives of underprivileged children.



Today is the first effort we will make towards fund raising.  There will be several more to come, including a live streaming weekend where I am hoping many pro gamers will join us so we can donate all the streaming revenue to Project Mañana.  If you are interested in helping us raise funds in any way, please contact me here on the website.  On behalf of everyone in compLexity and our loyal sponsors we sincerely thank you in advance for all of your support for 2011 RAK efforts on behalf of Project Mañana. 

God bless,
Jason Lake

Contest – Fundraising Raffle #1


Congratulations to the winners of the first prize raffle, listed below:

1. Brian “RiF” Plant (Tactic3D Sigma Headset)
2. Nick “JetBlk” Shaw (Tactic3D Sigma Headset)
3. Greg “KillOByte” Curless (Tactic3D Sigma Headset)
4. Dorian “Quartz” McLean (Tactic3D Sigma and coL Mousepad)
5. Jeremiah “riboflavin” Johnson (1-Hour Lesson)
6. Drew “falor” Ziegler (1-Hour Lesson)
7. Dag Fredman (1-Hour Lesson)

Our first fundraiser will be a prize giveaway.  Everyone who donates $10 to Project Mañana will receive 1 entry for our random drawing.  For each additional $5 increment given, you gain another entry.  ($20 is 3 entries.  $40 is 7 entries.) 

In addition, the first 50 people who donate $25 or more will receive a compLexity Mousepad as our thank you. Anyone generous enough to donate $150 or more will receive a Tactic3D Sigma headset and a compLexity Mousepad (max 15).


Also, stay tuned to this thread as we continue to add more prizes throughout the event.  (If you would like to donate something of value to the contest, please contact Jason Lake.)


How to Enter

Enter by making a donation of $10 or more to Project Mañana HERE.  Your donation is tax deductible.  Then, take a screen shot of your donation receipt email and post a link in this thread or forward the email to [email protected].  The more you donate, the more entries you get for our random prize drawing. 


Donors: ($1,110 total)

Alex “Yuenanimous” Yue – $50
Jordan & Allie Lake – $25
Greg “KillOByte” Curless – $30
Jeremiah “riboflavin” Johnson – $25
Dag Fredman – $25
Gabriel Boucher – $25
Brian “RiF” Plant – $150
Nick “JetBlk” Shaw – $150
Andy “coL.Bravo” Dudynsky –  $100
David “MecHavoc” Stifter – $50
Dorian “Quartz” McLean – $300
Drew “falor” Ziegler – $125
Bradlee “dj_busido” Speice – $30
Zac Socha – $25


Here we will keep an active list of donors (unless a donor requests his/her name not be shown) and a total amount raised during this event.  We encourage teams, organizations, companies, etc, to join the effort and we will be happy to link to the website of your choice.


compLexity Gaming and our sponsors offer this contest as a fun way to get people involved but hope that everyone remembers the true spirit of RAK is not to win prizes but to make a difference for someone in need.  Please consider supporting Project Mañana whether or not you enter the contest.  Follow them on Facebook and let them know that the coL Community cares and is supporting their efforts.  Also, please help us spread the word via Twitter, etc, to get as many people involved as possible.  The eSports community can make a gigantic difference for this valuable charity.  Let’s show them what gamers can do when we band together for something good.  Every dollar counts so please consider a small donation today.

Thanks very much for your support of RAK 2011!


(This contest ends August 1, 2011 at 10:00 AM EDT.  Void where prohibited.  Allow 4-6 weeks for prize delivery.) 


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