Recap: Upper Bracket Final

BY Andrew Miesner / January 10, 2010

by Sascha “Yiska” Heinsich

The winnerbracket final is over and I’m afraid I kind of jinxed it for coL.Red. They indeed ran RLD and it really came down to Snutz and it seemed like the young player was jumping back and forth between making considerable mistakes to playing absolutely flawless. The MVP of these matches for me personally was Twixz just because how well he handled the 2v2 situation.

The loserbracket final is about to kick off and as I hoped we will see the RMP mirror that should be really entertaining. Can coL.Red perform without having Snutz scream Chika! (korean for kill!)? They proved it  in Anaheim where the overall performance wasn’t anywhere near their A-game.

Flexx said in his interview that he’d rather meet coL.Red again but I wouldn’t be so sure if you really want them as an opponent if Snutz can perform on top of his game. I understand though why he chose them not only because it would be a great finish for coL but Button Bashers were able to beat them when it counted in Anaheim and they are far from done yet.

Run down of the winnerbracket final:

Game One

It’s time for the battle of Complexity, Red vs Black, WRD vs Beast Cleave.

Game 1 is on Blade’s Edge. Black do their usual charge in to the team of Red, blowing Blood Lust and Beastial Wrath in the first few seconds to train Snutz pretty hard. Snutz has to jump off in order to survive, but he lost his pet. Snutz second pet is immediately killed by Black, and they switch onto Snutz to train him some more. Sodah uses Innervate to keep his mana up. Snutz is being trained hard by Blac, while Red train Flexxz. Snutz succumbs to the absolutely insane damage from Black.

Game Two

Game 2 is on Blade’s Edge again, can Red handle the damage better this time?

Black charge straight into Red, blowing Blood Lust and Beastial Wrath to kill Snutz, while Red start attacking Twixz. Black once again switch onto Snutz pet, Red try their hardest to keep it up, but ultimately it dies. Snutz tries to get a hard cast off on the pet while Flexx takes A LOT of damage, forcing him to blow SR and Battle Master, and Toez to bubble. Snutz AND Flex die at the exact same time, making this a 2v2. Bother healers are almost OOM. Reckful opens on Twix doing moderate damage, meanwhile Sodah runs off to stealth and drink for 4-8 seconds. Reckful starts training Toez, but Toez comes survives quite easily. Sodah gets freezing trapped as Twixz starts attacking Reckful, the Freezing Trap breaks, but Twixz bursts down Reckful before Sodah can’t do anything about Reckful’s death. Black win.

Game Three

Game 3 is on Ruins, with no changes from either team. This map is a huge advantage for Black.

Black charge straight into Red as usual, train Snutz to 50% within a few seconds, but Sodah puts him back at 100%. Twixz gets trained quite heavily by Red, putting him to around 50%, but with Bloodlust and Paladin cooldowns, it very easy to heal. Twixz continues to take damage while Black manage to kill Snutz pet. Twixz gets forced below 20%, but Flexz Hex’s Reckful while Toez Bubble heals too keep him alive. Toez comes out of bubble, Sodah Cyclones Toez, and Twixz dies within a couple of seconds. 2-1 black.

Game Four

Game 4 is on Ruins again.

Black charge into red blowing all cooldowns as per usual, that start training Snutz to below 50% within a few seconds. Sodah blows NS to keep him alive, but Snutz falls down in 2 seconds of pressure from Black.

Game Five

Game 5 is going to take place on Blade’s Edge for the last time in this series.

Black charge straight into Red, blowing all cooldowns and go straight into Snutz. He takes little to no damage, but Black switch to Reckful and put him to around 40% before he is healed up to around 80%. Black are splitting the damage somewhat on Red, but then decide to switch onto Snutz’ pet and kill it quickly. Snutz Feldoms his pet, and then switches onto Flexz with Reckful, almost killing him, forcing a BoP and a bubble. Twixz is being trained by Red, and is around 50% for around 10 seconds before being healed. Sodah uses Innervate to get his mana back, it gets Purged but it’s too late, as he got good money back from it. Red switch onto Flexz and kill him without Toez being able to do anything due to an excellent Cyclone from Sodah. Reckful almost dies, but is brought back up to full. 3-2 for black.

Game Six

Game 6 is going to be on ROV, and Black have never lost a game on this map in the tournament scene.

Black charge straight into Snutz, blowing all their cooldowns to force Snutz low. Twixz is the target of Red, but is able to tank the damage quite easily with the lusted healing of Toez. Black continue to train Snutz, Red are unable to do anything about the damage and Snutz dies after portaling away.