Report: SK.usa to Nerdstompers.Blue

BY Andrew Miesner / August 2, 2010

With MLG Raleigh now just a month away it appears that Realz and company have left SK-Gaming to join up with Nerdstompers. At MLG Columbus Realz and his team ended up in a three way tie breaker with coL.Black and ArenaPwnage, which they overcame and advanced to the top 4. In Upper Bracket round one slipped by SK with a score of 3-2 and then SK fell to fnatic in the lower bracket 3-1. SK then failed to quailfy for the North American Regionals, which is taking place in two weeks.

At 7:47PM on July 31st Nerdstomper tweeted
this message below.



We have reached out to SK-Gaming but have not yet receieved a comment. Keep checking back to as we will be following this story closely.