Road Warrior Diary: Copenhagen, Denmark

BY Andrew Miesner / April 11, 2009

God help Copenhagen.. JaX is in town!

Alex “JaX” Conroy and the compLexity representatives for North America have landed in Denmark.  They are there for the Copenhagen eSports Challenge.


JaX has already checked in with a blog and will keep the updates rolling in.

The plane ride was literally the longest of my life. Ok, not literally, I’ve been on longer plane rides. Normally I sleep, but was unable too as Barmoa was scheming next to me, and whenever I tried to dose off, would ask me if I was going to sleep, in a matter that reminded me of a bitchy pre teen girl at a slumber party. Obviously, I took this as a challenge and did not sleep. My eyes have huge bags under them and I look like a crack head, great plan JaX!! Just to let you know how long this flight was, I watched four movies, and we still had just over two hours to go. My Iphone died or else it would have been 5! Luckily, the in flight TV was showing the office, one of my favorite shows.


To read the entire blog, click HERE.  Stay tuned for full updates including videos and photos!
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