Roster Shakeups in Mousesports and n!faculty

BY Andrew Miesner / June 19, 2009

For weeks, rumors have been circulating that Mousesports was looking to undergo a roster change, possibly brining Christopher ‘cash’ Steen onto the team, however the status of Franz ‘gore’ Burghardt was undetermined. However, just recentely, it was announced that Franz ‘gore’ Burghardt would be traded to n!faculty for Christopher ‘cash’ Steen. With gore having been removed from the starting roster earlier this year, that means that cash will be replacing Christian “Blizzard” Chmiel in the starting five.

Mousesports roster:
Christopher ‘cash’ Steen
Antonio ‘cyx’ Daniloski
Fatih ‘gob b’ Dayik
Navid ‘Kapio’ Javadi
Manuel ‘tixo’ Makohl

n!faculty roster:
Bastian ‘b4d’ Gaffron
Christoph ‘chrizzo’ Krämer
Franz ‘gore’ Burghardt
Max ‘ODiE’ Knappe
Jérôme ‘shiddy’ Tóth