rsvp @ Michigan WTRIBE LAN

BY Andrew Miesner / March 12, 2011

coL.SC2’s Julian “rsvp” Xu will be at the Michigan WTR1BE-Gaming SC2 LAN in Kalamazoo Michigan, at Western Michigan University today as he has qualified for the top 8 of the tournament. coL.CrunCher also managed to qualify in the top 8, however he is unable to attend the LAN portion.

The event is set to begin at Noon EST, however there doesn’t appear to be a stream for the event.


1st place: $1400
2nd place: $400
3rd place: $200

Map Pool

GSL Terminus
The Shattered Temple
GSL Crossfire
GSL Crevasse
Shakuras Plateau
GSL Tel’Darim Altar
Testbug by iCCup


Round of 8

Score 1 2 3 F 0 0 1
Goswser 0 0 0
Map: TBD