Ryan Schlieper from Creative Interviewed

BY Andrew Miesner / April 15, 2009

Ryan Schlieper who is the head of product marketing for headsets at Creative Labs was recently interviewed by Gaming Shogun. Ryan was recently asked 10 things relating to what Creative is doing in the Gaming Community, to what new things are coming from Creative in the near future. Be sure to check out the full interview at the link below.

Here is a little snippet of the interview:

Q) Creative has been making a lot of strides in becoming more open with its gaming fans/users in the way of social media. Could you describe the steps you have taken in this regard?

A) Absolutely. With the gaming world becoming more “social” with large scale communities of MMO’s and Xbox LIVE etc? we knew it was important to get out there and actually communicate with the masses. The one thing about Creative is we REALLY get gaming and gamers. Weve been part of the  industry since the beginning with our Sound Blaster sound cards and multimedia kits. One thing I think the community appreciates is getting information directly from the source. We’re completely revamping our SoundBlaster.com site to be a nexus of information for Sound Blaster and Creative gaming news and we’re also taking our Facebook and MySpace pages to the next level to develop the community.

Be sure to check out the interview with Ryan. Also make sure you follow Ryan on twitter and keep checking on the Soundblaster website for more developments.


Read the full interview at Gaming Shogun.