SAGAcity Invitational 2011

BY Andrew Miesner / April 27, 2011

Today SAGAcity Gaming announced that it will be hosting the SAGAcity Invitational 2011 StarCraft II tournament. This 32 man single elimination tournament will occur over the weekend of May 6th with the event starting up at 5:00PM EST. SAGAcity is boasting quite a large prize pool with $1500 going to 1st place, $350 for 2nd, and $150 for 3rd.

The player list for this tournament is something out of an eSports fan’s dream. Expect to see a great showing from players like: IMMVP, TLAF-Liquid’TLO, oGsSuperNova, IMNesTea, MarineKingPrime.WE, and TLAF-Liquid’Jinro. Of course compLexity will be participating with Antimage, stalife, CrunCher and FireZerg carrying the flag.

The full bracket is as follows:



The map pool with consist of CrossFire SE, iCCup Neo Enigma, MLG Metalopolis, Shakuras Plateau, Terminus SE, Typhon Peaks, Xel’Naga Caverns and Xel’Naga Fortress.

Commentary will be provided by CatsPajamas and FrodanSAGA. As of right now, there are no details as to where the broadcast will be, but as soon as they come in expect an update to this post.