Savi0r Departs CompLexity

BY Andrew Miesner / June 30, 2009

David “Savi0r” Park

After recently announcing the newest member to join compLexity 1.6 roster, it was also announced that David “Savi0r” Park would be moving to an inactive/backup position for personal reasons. However, just recentely, David has found a team that better suits his priorities and has decided to join Hiatus, a team comprised of several old-school CS players including cbz, former coL player da_bears, m4gic and mehler. Savi0r had this to say about his departure from compLexity and his current situation:

I had a lot of fun playing with those guys and sometimes real life takes some priorities away from gaming. I am excited to get back to a high level of competition with a new team, while being able to remain at home.

Savi0r had been a huge part of the new coL team and has been an all-around great guy. On behalf of the compLexity Gaming Organization, we wish him the best.