SC2 Teams Preview – Part 2

BY Andrew Miesner / August 25, 2010

Starcraft II Teams Preview – Part 2

by JP “Moogle” McDaniels

Welcome back to the Complexity Starcraft 2 North American Preview Series. Last time we talked about two teams — fnatic and Root-Gaming. This time we’re going to focus on two individual players, Protoss phenom HuK and Complexity’s own Silver.

Chris ‘HuK‘ Laranger

Starting off as a relative no-name in the Starcraft 2 scene, HuK has risen from a humble Canadian player to become the biggest thing in the SC2 NA scene — maybe even the world. Many thought HuK was one of the best players in the world after sitting on top the global ladder for multiple weeks in a row. His impressive and consistent play across countless tournaments skyrocketed him into the hearts of many, earning him nicknames as “HuK Noris”. He even proclaimed that he wanted to be the next Lim Yo Hwan in SC2 (Boxer). Then, when he started pulling out tricks like the fabled Mothership Rush, he really won people over and they started to maybe believe his words.

A member of the French organization Millennium, Laranger recently participated in the Intel Extreme Masters in Cologne, Germany this past week — and didn’t make it out of group play. LAN jitters perhaps? Maybe. His fans sure hope so. He’ll have another chance to prove himself this upcoming weekend at the Major League Gaming event in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Check out some of the VODs below to see the Protoss player in action.

Strieb ‘Silver’ Roman

Creating a name for yourself in any environment can be done in multiple ways. A heroic deed, a campaign to get your name out into the crowds, or beating the most powerful wizard in the world in Starcraft 2. Silver chose option C. When the Warcraft 3 veteran turned Terran user took out IdrA in the ESL Qualifying Tournament — eventually winning it as a relative no name — people really wanted to know just who the Terran player was. This single win practically earned Silver a spot here at Complexity and now the player has become a name synonymous with Starcraft 2.

While still a young player, Silver shows that his intelligent play and unique build orders have what it takes to compete with the best. Still, though, he shows that his skill is not limited and has been improving over the course of the game. He will make his first tournament appearance this weekend at MLG Raleigh sporting the flashy Complexity insignia. How will he do? We’ll just have to wait and see.


We’ll be back next week with more insight into the Starcraft 2 North American scene.